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About Us

Message from ceoDeb:

Black Unlimited is not about "being black". That would be a restriction to the greatness that could be achieved. I chose this name in two parts---'even though' I am a black person, I will never be limited in my abilities and I will not be the "slave" to what people think I can do. "If you put limits on my abilities or what you think I can do, then you really don't know who I am." Also, having a business is about making money. I want my money to be "in the black"...unlimited. But I don't want this to be "the end", I want this to be "the means" to an end. I want to use Black Unlimited to accomplish some great things.

The Company

Black Unlimited Apparel is a design-driven brand that offers unique screen-printed t-shirts for Greek-letter organizations, companies, churches, etc. We hope to eventually collaborate with artists and designers to create great clothing that you can wear. Black Unlimited Apparel's goal is to design innovative paraphernalia that does not limit you to just wearing your letters, but allows you to wear the culture that is your organization. Our t-shirts are screen printed and distributed through and CafePress.

We want our company to become the leading provider of apparel to members of the Greek community. When people are in the process of purchasing paraphernalia, for personal use or as a gift, we want them to think of Black Unlimited Apparel. Take a look around. We know you will find something you like.

Future Endeavors

Our future will involve designs for all of the Divine Nine organizations, the NALFO organizations and any other designs we can create. We will be expanding and progressively growing.